Kusumoto Patents & Trademarks is a patent law office in Japan dealing with Japanese patents, designs and trademarks, which was founded more than 30 years ago.

About us

Greetings from our Founders

Kusumoto Patents & Trademarks, formerly known as KUSUMOTO PATENT OFFICE, was established in 1987 in Seta by Takayoshi Kusumoto and later relocated to Ishiyama in 1997, has built a trust as a patent law office for more than 30 years in Otsu City Shiga, Japan.
Furthermore, in 2017, KUSUMOTO PATENT OFFICE was integrated with Konan Patent law office, an office that is also rooted in Seta with a professional experience surpassing 15 years, founded by Tsuneo Fujikawa, to form Kusumoto Patents & Trademarks.

We will continue to build on our customer-oriented business by providing a high-quality service that can satisfy the needs of our customers, by taking advantages and amalgamating the strengths of two former independent offices and covering wide range of technology fields.

Today, it goes without saying that amidst globalization and the recent digital trends such as AI, IoT, self-driving vehicles, etc., we are witnessing great changes in the environment that surrounds technological developments. For instance, development of energy saving technology makes conventional power generation equipment unnecessary, whereas development of hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and more, makes gasoline vehicles dispensable. These transformation have the power to greatly change an industrial structure itself.

Behind the said progress in IT and digital industry, however, we believe, that making advances in analog technology is simultaneously essential. In addition, closing the gap between developed and developing countries should also be an important objective of technological development. We will devote to meet the needs of our customers with an omnidirectional view, without falling into a narrow view and continue to support our clients with courtesy.

Our Founders

Takayoshi Kusumoto:

【Ishiyama Office】
・Former vice president (2015) of Japan Patent Attorneys Association
・Former director (2011, 2012) at Kinki* Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association (KJPAA)
・Visiting professor at The University of Shiga Prefecture
* Kinki: southern-central region of Japan’s mainland

Tsuneo Fujikawa:

【Seta Office】
・Co-founder of Kusumoto Patents & Trademarks
・Part-time lecturer of Ryukoku University since 2006
・Advisor at Shiga Institute of Invention and Innovation
・Counselor at Shiga Prefecture Industrial Support Center
・Expert at Shiga Prefecture Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Technological fields

We obtain and maintain intellectual property rights in various technological fields. We have extensive knowledge and know-hows in section F (for MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) and section H (for ELECTRICITY) by IPC classification, while also covering electronics, chemistry, IT, and biotechnology as professional and technological fields of expertise.

Direct Support in English

We communicate with our foreign clients through close communication, having in-house translation staffs to link clients and attorneys together. We could also offer various services as follows if necessary;

  • Network Support: Connecting clients, especially for companies and business persons who are unaccustomed to Japanese application procedures, with translation companies.
  • Deadline Management: Sending clients friendly reminders on important due dates for maintaining intellectual property rights valid.

Applications in the Past

  • Patents> USA, EPO, China, South Korea and more
  • Trademarks> USA, EU, China, South Korea and more

Our Services Menu

1. Patent and Utility Model
  • Mechanical, Civil Engineering & Construction
  • Electrical & Information Technology
  • Chemical & Biotechnology
2. Trademark & Design
3. Patent & Trademark Search
4. Translation
5. Domestic Filing
6. Overseas Filing
7. On-line Application Filing & Drawing Preparation

Our Network

Our world network of foreign affiliations includes law firms in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.

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